We offer you the best possible services for your home electrical needs

Home electrical wiring installations evolve every year. From new safety standards to the latest and greatest in modern conveniences, Aey Electric is constantly adding to its repertoire to offer you the best possible services for your home electrical needs.

Whether you need an entire installation for a new build or want to upgrade your current system, our certified journeyman electricians have the knowledge and skill to complete your project safely and to your specification. For large projects, we work closely with your contractor to ensure the job is done seamlessly. For general service work, our staff is available to help answer your questions and get the job done in a timely manner.


Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

• Electrical upgrades
• General wiring and lighting installations:

– New homes

– Remodels

– Detached buildings (e.g., garage, shed, etc.)

• Outlet installation/upgrades
• Panel repair/replacement
• Heating tape installation
• Electric driers, electric stoves, and hot tubs
• Indoor lighting and ceiling fan installation and repair
• Outdoor lighting installation and repair
• Generator installation
• Service and troubleshooting
• Swimming pools
• LED lighting systems
• Code violation corrections